i have arrived.

about 24 hours before i left for new york, this was happening:

and then my parents came, with all their love, support, and helping hands and they CLEANED MY APARTMENT and CUT MY PAPER DOWN and PACKED UP MY ARTWORK and all sorts of other helpful and amazing things, and there was a lot of stress and crying and hugging and figuring out of logistics, and in the end they got me to the airport on time and then this happened:

and there was an overnight in nyc with old friends i haven’t seen in ages, and that included an (undocumented because I Was Enjoying It) walk around The Park, a really delicious homemade dinner where i learned all about how easy it is to make spring rolls, ice cream, chats, etc. and then a (undocumented because I Was Tired and It Was Boring) bus ride north happened, and then this happened:

and this (the first of many signs that i am in The Right Place at The Right Time with The Right People). it’s nice to know i live with some kindred spirits:

all that to say, i made it! there were moments of doubt, but i am here. exhausted and a little disoriented, but looking forward to what is ahead.


One comment

  1. spring break to-do list: re-color code my bookcase. it has been too long. i love this and miss you.

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