studio tour.

this is the etching studio in the late afternoon with the sunlight. it’s one of my favorite spaces here. this is where the teaching of the kidlets will happen.

this is the little letterpress studio, where i will be spending LOTS of time once i start getting to work on my book. and this is my new bff:

i just found out about how this press doesn’t have a motor (what?!). as far as i knew, letterpresses have motors (for the most part). so i did some research. and sho’ nuff! it’s from the early ’30’s. apparently, electricity didn’t always exist (crazy!) and those rollers literally aren’t going to ink themselves. instead of the reservoir roller being hidden below the carriage at the height of the press bed, this press has a little extra on on top that moves up and down and, when inked, distributes the ink to the the main set of rollers (not shown. sorry. that’s confusing). to execute this, the pretty press operator (ahem) flips the roller down and turns the little brass handle on the end in the front of the photo. lots of times. quickly.

there will be some major bonding with this baby at some point (along with some major forearm muscle development/carpal tunnel), but right now i’m a little intimidated. it’s okay, i’m usually really good with the old guys. and look! i’m already learning things! so i’m counting it as a win.


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  1. Oh my! You are so funny. I’m just catching up. I didn’t even get that you were blogging again, at a residency, creating so much, having a bike poster revealed this weekend. I’m so behind!

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