field trip.

we piled in the car and headed to dia: beacon today.

as a side note, i am here with a really stellar bunch of ladies. i feel really grateful to have hit it off with the other residents, deanna and kristin. they are both so great, we go for walks and talk about all kinds of things, and laugh a LOT every day. both of them will leave wsw before me, and i’m really not sure what i will do when they are gone. get more work done, probably. we all get along so well, i am sometimes quite easily distracted by socializing. duh.

anyway, we went to a fancy art museum. i didn’t know that much about it before going there, except that it contained a significant collection of 20th century art. it ended up being kind of a big experience for me, as a lot of the work was stuff i had trouble with when i studied it in college. richard serra’s work was the first slide i ever saw in my intro to art class as a freshman in college. i remember just not getting it, knowing that it HAD to be seen in person in order to really appreciate and understand it, and at that time, i just wasn’t interested in big metal things. now, though: WOW. seeing them in real life was pretty freaking awesome. i could still kind of take or leave robert ryman and agnes martin. but i’m really glad i saw it all up close, and i particularly enjoyed the imi knoebel paintings. also, the museum itself is gorgeous. it’s housed in an old nabisco box-printing factory and most of it is lit naturally by about a bazillion skylights. seeing giant sculptures as the light changed added to the experience. i took a few sneaky photos, but realized i don’t have my camera-to-computer cord, so they will have to wait. i really thought i brought it with me. but then, i also thought i brought some non-wool socks with me, and it turns out i was wrong about that.

by way of an update, here are a few of the photos i snapped inside:

dan flavin’s light sculptures and the beautiful gallery windows.

michael heizer’s north, east, south, west. giant holes in the floor. love it.

unrelated: i have prints in a show in st. paul this month, opening tonight from 7-10! it is full of really great artists, and has gotten some nice press.


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