it’s all starting to look the same.

i have emerged from a long week of printing and before that, platemaking and teaching young children. the educational component of my residency is finished, and as of sunday, i will have three weeks left. i have been photographing my progress and posting it on instagram, but at some point (i’m not sure which point, things are beginning to run together in my mind), i realized that every single photo was starting to look the same and that probably wasn’t very fun to look at. so i stopped posting photos and kept printing. and i will keep printing until i’m finished. i have a schedule and everything.

however, this afternoon i took a break to catch up on the things that have been falling by the wayside while i’ve been holed up in my little studio (really little. there is the table in the photo above and a press, a small inking table, and an old-school exposure unit. and room for me, but not room for anyone else to fit comfortably). i emailed. i thought about why i signed up to ride my bike one hundred and fifty miles in june. i even rode a bike into town (twice! because i had forgotten my wallet the first time!). but early tomorrow, i’ll be back at work. the next task is to put yet another mockup together of the pages i’ve printed so far, and figure out how exactly the next layers of color will go over them, and what other information i want to include–whether it’s text or not, what it’s saying OR NOT, blah blah.


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