friends! ARTCRANK IS THIS SATURDAY! sneak peaks of the posters are up on the artcrank website, go look at them! this is the number one thing i am sad to miss while i am here in new york (i’ve had multiple dreams about sneaking home for it and coming back for the last week of my residency), so if you can make it, please do. and say hi to my poster! i think you’ll know it when you see it. i was thinking a lot about the experience of biking, how it really does feel like flying, how everything goes by in a blur, how when you are on a bike, it’s just you, the bike, and the road. <contented sigh>

anyway, i hope you have the chance to get over to the MOST FUN PARTY IN TOWN on saturday. have a beer for me, buy some art.


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  1. That’s so pretty!

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